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today I am beginning with our bears 'Holidays Report'.
Burnie & Greg accompanied by their youngsters Bunny Jane & Chrissy were meant heading down south. In the end there were only three of them going on holidays to Sicily.
Mama Burnie was feeling beary poorly through the last month. She couldn’t stand upright on her hind paws, her head was way too lose (caused headaches) and her belly was in a very bad condition. 
She decided to see a specialist for teddy bear diseases. Of course Greg were talking this over with hum mum and the solution for Burnie’s health problems had been easily found.
Hum mum’s French friend Michèle is an expert teddy bear maker. She owns a “Private Bear SPA & Beauty Clinic” near to Le Mans. Madame Professeur Michèle offered her a free complete body-check-up, surgeries and SPA treatments. The French nursing staff is high qualified and they became famous for the excellent, careful and warm hearted treatments. The Chef de cuisine is extraordinary…and his patisserie is heavenly delicate… the “Petites Gateaux” are formidable!
Alright…talking about yummy food let our thoughts drift apart from the essential case we are talking about.
Well, the bear family separated with tears in everybeardy’s eyes. Mama Burnie is the bravest ever, she got well wrapped in went by special mail service to France inside a box!
The beary sad Greg watched over his two youngsters and so they were stowed away into hum dad’s rucksack and started their travel with the hums.
This is the short summary of their Sicilian adventures.
You are very welcome to share those with them. So come on jump into the Air Berlin jet to Catania and let the fun begin…!
But dear readers we have to warn you against high expectations in serious descriptions. Always have in mind the authors are teddy bears…which means they write teddy bear style. Therefore you may often ask: “are they serious???” 
 <<<for continue look at holidays report of the bear crew>>>

I am still working on the translation into the English language. 
So please stay tuned and return to the news to learn more about the work in progress.

The red Steiff teddy bear Alfonzo was given to the Russian Princess Xenia in 1908. He lived with his Princess until she died and later on he became a teddy bear celebrity on an auction of Sotheby's . Since then he is living as the star of "Teddy Bears of Witney" near by to Oxford.  His lifetime story is told from his own point of view.
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