Stories über, von und mit Teddies und Bären -
ISBN 9783750416741

Here is the long-expected continuing of Bo Bunny adventures. You will accompany him in the stories 4, 5, 6 and 7.

No 4:  By the end of autumn, Bo had come to a decision. He firmly intended to travel to Scandinavia, and all he needed was to find a Swedish or Finnish truck heading back that way, then he would jump on board and travel up and away until he reached north. What will await him in the far North? Follow him on his exciting journey to find out!
No 6: The reason Bo had wanted to be a first aider, was because he, and his family, enjoyed going on hikes through the woods, and they often came across injured animals. Learn about his sometimes-funny patients and how Bo healed them.

No 7: Some days before Christmas Bo got the most unusual mail delivery ever!Guess who sent him an emergency message? Santa Claus himself!Santa was in desperate need of help by Bo First Aider skills.Rudolph, the lead reindeer had a very bad hoof and can not stand on it. Santa had no idea how to manage the delivery of the Christmas gifts to the children around the world. Without Rudolph, Santa will not be able to ride the sleigh!Will Bo being able to bring Rudolph back on his four hoofs again?

Follow Bo through his Christmas adventures! 

An Easter Bunny involved in Christmas stuff. A kidnapped Santa Claus. What's up?
Bo's story no 1 the beginnings:
You are welcome to accompany this little bunny boy on his First Christmas.

Oh my bunny, it's still funny!

Hi!My name is Bo Bunny. This is the first book of my bunny stories. It is now available for downloading at amazon, libri etc. and at iTunes. 

e-book/i-book:For just 0,49€!
When I remember my 'First Christmas' I am still amused even after all these years.At this time I was still in the infancy of my bunny career. Actually I was born in Spring and  this Christmas has been the first in my young life.Oh my bunny, it's still funny!Please join in to learn about when I was making a laughingstock of myself!

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