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Dear reader!
Please follow me in the footsteps of Little Beaver and let me tease you:

The Christmas Secret

The snow was falling since I left my home in the morning. The Huskies were tireless pulling my sleigh. Enough time for letting my thoughts drift to the past month.   Since last summer vacations ended, I had to live in a boarding school far away from my family. I wasn’t fond of that. I missed everything: My easygoing life, hunting, fishing, my family and friends. But an excellent education is in my dad’s conviction the best he could give me for my future life.   Most of the people think we are poor with uncomfortable living conditions. But that’s not true. We we are feeling favoured having the opportunity to live our lives in a rich natural environment. That’s no contradiction! We are First Native Canadians. We belong to the tribe of the Tlingit. We love our home country as much as you can ever think of. My father educated me in all the traditional customs. Therefore I became quite a good hunter and going for fishing was my favourite.   Today my greatest dream came true: My dad allowed me to empty all his traps on his rented fur trail. Now all traps were emptied and I gave loose reins to the dog’s team. After a while I woke up from my day dreaming. I didn’t recognize this area. I haven’t been there before. Suddenly I saw smoke in the air and heard some noise. Was there really a hut?   I knew that everywhere around in this area were Grizzly burrows. This doesn’t worry me. My father taught me never to disturb a sleeping bear. I didn’t want to wake one up. They were harmless as long as they are sleeping.   I was irritated by the sound of rock music, a shine of light and the smoke I smelt. The most irritating thing was the place everything was coming from: A Bear’s Burrow! I tied on my dogs and commanded them keeping calm and silent while waiting.   Very cautiously I was creeping in the burrows direction.   “Yeah! You’ll like to send something? Hey what? ” “Error ! Error! Mistake report! Attention!”“What the heck you want me to do?” “No! No! You are NOT allowed to send anything! NO!”   I heard the sound of a very angry and hard treated keyboard’s keys. Unidentified grunting, laughter and quietly growling mixed with the sound of ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree’ sounded very strange to my ears.   “Oh God its Christmas….dubbidoo… oh the heck, I can’t remember the words. But it doesn’t matter at all. I am on my own. I am allowed to sing out loud being proud! I don’t disturb anybody, ‘cos everyone is sleeping. I am so jealous! I am so tired, too. But someone has to do the job!”   “Blink! Blink! ERROR!!! ” “Darn! I HATE this computer! Only critics! Never ever something nice, like: Well done! Excellent solution! Well I won’t talk to you anymore in the future! Computers are so silly! You can’t do anything by your own!”   I heard the very angry hammering on the keyboard. The sound of the rocking Christmas songs was in the air. I was magical attracted and crawled nearer and nearer. A small window! Very careful I wiped away the snow. I spied inside.   Have you ever been shocked? I mean really shocked and amazed that you became speechless? If so, you can imagine a bit how I was feeling. If not…!   Nobody could ever imagine what I saw! It was incredible! Fascinating! Outrageous! This should be enough for everybody! Guess who was sitting in front of a computer, humming Christmas songs with low volume, while holding a cup of tea? A BEAR! A GRIZZLY being particular!............ 

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