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News from the bear crew
September/October 2015

Dear readers,

well, life is full of surprises!
We planned our journey to Canada very well ahead and my husband and I would have given anything to go back to Canada.
We had no way of knowing how things turned out very differently.

Much to our and our bear crew's regret we had to cancel our complete journey to Canada (08.19.-09.15.2015, Vancouver meeting Bubbles and family, Rocky Mountaineer 3 tours Whistler-Jasper-Vancouver…).

What happened? In the morning of Friday 08.14.2015 my dear husband didn't knew what was happening to him when he suddenly felt unwell.
He has been admitted to hospital in emergency because of cardiac arrhythmia and other heart trouble. The doctors declared that he is unable to travel.

Since then he has been admitted three more times to hospital with recurrent heart problems. So we came to the conclusion that in the foreseeable future it won't be within our realm to travel to Canada.

The bear crew discussed the problem in a secret meeting. In the end Mama Burnie Bear decided on her own to travel instead of us. Bubbles the duck is one of our oldest and best friends (his humans, too) and she hasn't met him since five years ago. Bubbles gave her a wonderful pet name : Princess Burnie! 

Burnie (Burnadette née Bearmani) was born at Nova Scotia, Canada in 2008. One of our best Canadian friends Snuffy Bearmani made her (all bears prefer to say they are born). So she is a Canadian polar bear girl, tough and brave!

She kissed her three cubs and Gregory good-bye and went to sleep, well wrapped inside a comfortable travel box. She travelled First Class by DHL/Canada Post and arrived at Vancouver after two weeks.

Our Canadian friends at Vancouver are happy as can be hosting their little polar bear friend. Burnie will write down her Canadian adventures in a travel diary.
It seems that a little happy end will happen at least.

We will keep you tuned. So please visit our website from time to time and you won't miss any news about Burnie's holidays!

Take good care everybody. See you soon!

yours Baerbel Thetmeyer & Gregory -senior bear editor-

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