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Beary crew news

Dear friends,
well it's time for our bear family to go on their annual holidays. There is no doubt about that they will accompany us humans.
As every year we humans have to prepare the soft upholstered rucksack for their comfortable traveling. The bears would NEVER ever think of traveling inside a trunk! No way! The luggage could get lost! A horrible idea!
Of course the bears have to take with them their several outfits like: swimwear, casual wear, dinner jackets, robes etc. Well we humans are allowed to carry their belongings inside our trunks. The bears a re generous when it comes to adding their stuff to ours. Phew!
Greg & Burnie have promised to write a travel summary. So you will be able to share their beary notes about our holidays. Please stay tuned until October until I will release their report.
Ah, forget to tell you where we are going to: Sicily! Yes the island where "The Godfather" was born. Greg has his sunglasses ready as he will meet a Sicilian relative Don Orsino!
Arrivederci! Ciao! Byebye!
Waves & hugs
yours Baerbel Thetmeyer & the bear crew

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