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Are you interested in other beary websites? If so, please enjoy looking through the links.

yours belbaer

the ONLY website for ALL furries and non-furries where you'll NEVER get deleted, the most friendly social community run 

the first HAUTE COUTURE online shop for  bear/rabbit/bunny/sheep and more wear
The "in"site  for faux furry fashion insiders!
Mr. Snuffy N. Bearmani will be delighted to realize YOUR wishes!

Please have a look at this interesting website and learn more about our big relatives, the bears and all other animals who are in NEED for our HELP!
Thank you!

At the Sherford bears they have discovered a very interesting and quite unusual variety of bears: the Dinkers! have a look to the exciting range of books by the author Dee Dodgson and her hand-made unique teddy bears.

Every Teddy Bear should have the best education!
Well, if you feel it's time to give your best fluffy friend the opportunity to learn about her/his relatives history, the world and all the exciting facts your teddy bear is interested in and you don't know how to realize is the BEST SOLUTION:

Just click on this link and you will learn about the new universe of science, art, history and much more!

When will YOU enroll your teddy bear?

the unique site for all furries looking for perfect fitting hand knitted sweaters, pants, hats, jackets and more ... so beautiful you'll love it!

is a surprising website run by a highly multi talented rabbit with an attitude.includes the most unusual cooking show in the www: Cooking with Rabbits - Rabbits R the CHEF; NOT the Meal!!
 Visiting this site is a MUST!

This is an interesting website where you can learn about not so well known authors introducing themselves and their books. Very recommendable!
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