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Gregory, our headbear has been just enrolled and will start his studies in 2017!

Exciting news!
Are you still looking for the best gift for your beloved best friend, your teddy bear?
Here is the brilliant solution:

Every Teddy Bear should have the best education!
Well, if you feel it's time to give your best fluffy friend the opportunity to learn about her/his relatives history, the world and all the exciting facts your teddy bear is interested in and you don't know how to realize is the BEST SOLUTION:

Just click on this link and you will learn about the new universe of science, art, history and much more!

Now available! 

First release of Bo Bunny stories as a paperback copy! Also available -amazon and others- on e-book (Kindle) and i-book!

An Easter Bunny involved in Christmas stuff. A kidnapped Santa Claus. What's up?
You'll find to yourself by reading Bo's story no 3: 
"Bo's mistaken identity"!

Bo's story no 1 the beginnings:
"Bo's First Christmas"

Bo Bunny awoke on Christmas Day and started his big job. Well, actually he started what he thought being his special duty...
You are welcome to accompany this little bunny boy on his First Christmas.

Bo's story no 2 "Bo's First Easter"

When I remember my 'First Easter' I am still amused even after all these years.
At this time I was still in the infancy of my bunny career. My Christmas mischief wasn’t forgotten. At springtime I wanted to start my Easter preparations. I had learned that this would be the big Easter Bunny event.
There were only some more days left until Easter Sunday and ! couldn’t feel a single egg swelling up my belly...
Oh my bunny, it's still funny!
Please join in to learn about when I was making a laughingstock of myself.

Happy reading time

Well, isn't it such a joy to snuggle yourself at a cosy place with a book? Just the right time for a good read! Cosy and  relaxed on your favorite place , a nice cup of tea/coffee by your side and reading about adventuring bears...that's what I prefer at ALL times!

Please choose "Little Beaver's Secrets" or make your choice out of the German range of my books.


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